IoT In Construction – How Technology is Changing the Way We Build

How Technology is changing the way we build.

IoT In Construction – How Technology is Changing the Way We Build

What is IoT – Internet of Things

IoT is the evolution of technology in our everyday lives. The internet is prevalent throughout the country and many people can be connected 24/7. Modern technology has given us the necessary tools to be more efficient in all we do, having the internet at your fingertips all the time via smart phones or computers. Internet of Things has evolved over the years to also include a variety of other improvements to items people use every day. Some of the IoT technology has become standard to the point they are taken for granted because they are so common.

IoT in Residential and Commercial Construction

IoT in construction is a relatively new idea. Incorporating technology into buildings is on the rise. Residential and commercial buildings are now being outfitted with many different technology features. Installing Wi-Fi connected thermostats and HVAC systems, security cameras, and lighting are all examples of IoT in construction. You can control the temperature in your house while you are away on vacation. You can also turn lights on and off remotely and monitor the security of your home or business 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. Some new security systems even have built in “hot spots” that can provide their own internet coverage in the event of a power outage or local internet failure. This fail-safe system gives those who use it a huge sense of peace of mind. Other examples of IoT include systems that allow you to lock and unlock your house from your smart phone, open and shut your garage door remotely, and even turn the electricity or water in your building on or off while not even being physically at the location. All these items make your life easier on a day-to-day basis.

Have you ever left your house in the morning for work, or left your business in the evening and spent an hour wondering if you turned the lights off, locked the doors, or enabled the alarm system? Have you even turned around on your commute to go check these things? With a smart building or house, you can ease those worries by checking these items right from your smart phone. There is also a tremendous long term cost savings with many of these items. Buildings and houses are now more energy efficient than ever when you can control the temperature, lighting, and water consumption 24/7 even when you are not there.

IoT in Other Construction Sectors

IoT is evolving the way all construction systems and facilities are built. There is now a new system that allows you to install small remote monitors in a slab or foundation before the concrete is poured. When these monitors are installed, you can track the temperature and strength of the concrete in real time. This allows the contractor to properly cure the concrete so they can ensure a structurally sound concrete structure. The monitors also indicates when the concrete has reached its designed compressive strength, allowing the building materials to be installed sooner to speed up the total construction progress and avoid delays. There is internet connected GPS systems on heavy earth moving equipment that allow the construction process to be accurate, precise, and efficient by ensuring the cut/fill is achieved spot on and eliminates operator error.

There are now even safety monitor systems that construction employees wear on a daily basis that help to ensure they stay safe while they are at work.

Many municipalities have revamped their water treatment plants in recent years. These new plants are being outfitted with a network of monitors, valves and controls that allow the plant to be monitored or controlled remotely. Without the technology progress of IoT in construction, this would not be possible.

Where Will IoT Take the Construction Industry

IoT in construction has come a long way and new technology does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. There are systems that help both the people building the project do their jobs better, as well as greatly improve the lives of the end users. The possibilities are endless. Imagine the world we lived in 10-15 years ago vs the now. Look ahead to the next 10-15 years and imagine where we will be as a country and as a world. Many construction companies are starting to get on board with various IoT systems, and I imagine almost all will be fully involved 15 years down the road. The future of construction points to many IoT systems being used by the builders daily and a plethora of new systems to install for the end users. IoT is the future of construction, and all companies need to jump on board.

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