3 Ways Project Management Can Benefit Enterprise Architecture

3 Ways Project Management Can Benefit Enterprise Architecture

3 Ways Project Management Can Benefit Enterprise Architecture

3 Ways Project Management Can Benefit Enterprise Architecture
There are three overall goals that all Project Managers strive to achieve, regardless of what industry they’re supporting. Those are:

  • completing the project on time
  • staying within the established budget
  • and ensuring the requirements are met and the desired results are achieved.

Although this may be a simplistic overview of why project management is so important, it also leads to the wider benefits for your project. In this article, we’ll define three main benefits of project management for enterprise architecture.

  1. It Creates Business Value

Focusing on outcomes that help validate a collective business value is a large part of project management. By improving project decisions from the start, you have a better chance at identifying (and fixing) possible problems before they create havoc on your project. This could be anything from going over budget to ensuring you have the right people in place.

When your processes, technologies, and strategy are aligned with one another, a Project Manager can better manage the day-to-day (and beyond). This alignment will help create business value for your customers, employees, and your organization. Business leaders and project managers can then create and maintain a successful protocol for future projects.

Enterprise architecture (when done right) will create a structure that is focused on purpose, mission, capabilities, business goals, scope, process, and functional needs. In essence, this helps us define why project management is critical—and how getting it right will elicit a big win for business value.

  1. It Helps You Build Better Processes

Objective feedback can help business owners build better processes by increasing their knowledge and improving collaboration. When there are fewer information silos, there’s less of a chance that misunderstandings will arise. While human error is inevitable, it can be mitigated by project management and a keen eye for detail.

Often times, company leaders don’t have the time or resources to dig into the design and deployment of new processes. This can be a big hindrance to successful enterprise architecture. As it requires focus, prioritization, and a deep understanding of the field, project managers are best-suited to tackle the many moving parts of a project.

When it comes time to build and implement better process for your enterprise architecture projects, leave it to the experts. Project managers will come to you with industry experience, knowledge, energy, and the strategy needed to be successful.

  1. It Enhances Internal Collaboration

Enterprise architecture in itself is a collaborative method for conducting the planning, modelling, and implementation that leads to a successful design and execution of business strategy. Because of this, project management naturally lends itself to a team environment and can enhance your internal collaboration.

When your workforce can strive toward a common goal—and every member of your team feels they play a role in achieving said goal—it gives them a sense of belonging. What’s more is that collaborative teams will have a wide-breadth of skills that can be leveraged throughout the life of your projects. Understanding who in the business has the relevant skills needed (and who doesn’t) will also give you insights into additional training that your folks might need.

Project managers are experts in collaborative working, because they have to be. That’s why any mission-critical project should be planned and executed with this expert oversight. Not only will they teach your teams how to be more collaborative, they’ll also provide a great example of how to work efficiently—especially while working cross functionally.


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