Benefits of Design Consulting

Benefits of Design Consulting

Benefits of Design Consulting

Do you have an idea for a construction project? A vision of what you want the final product to look like? Are you stumped when it comes to the detailed design to get your thoughts on paper? It may be time to hire a design consultant.

What is a Design Consultant?

A design consultant is an individual, or company, that specializes in designs for various construction projects. The individual or company will include a team of Architects and Engineers. These design professionals will take the overall idea for the final product and put all the necessary design information on a set of plans that will be used to build the project. They will include all specifics for materials, installation details and finishes while also ensuring the project will be structurally sound.

Why Hire a Design Consultant?

Most everyday people do not have the necessary skills to design any size scale of construction projects. Most construction contractors and project managers do no posses these skills either. Design Consultants have all been through extensive schooling to learn their trade. Almost all construction projects will require the city/county to review the project plans before they issue a permit. Most of these municipalities require the plans to be signed and stamped by an architect or professional engineer. The plans must accurately reflect adherence to all local and state building codes. Design consultants hold the necessary tools to ensure the plans are accurate and can stamp them to guarantee this. If the plans are not correct in the beginning the permit process will be a long, drawn-out process, thus delaying the start of the build.

Accurate designs lead to easier construction with less conflicts. If the initial project plans are not accurate there will be multiple problems along the way during the construction process. A design consultant can ensure that the electrical installations are clear of the mechanical components and the HVAC has an uninterrupted path for the duct work. The foundation design will be accurate, and all components built on top will fit together like a puzzle. If any of these items are not accurately designed there will be down time on the project to figure out a solution which will negatively affect the project schedule, often pushing completion deadlines passed projections. Additionally, added costs will be incurred due to the down time and rework of items to make them fit together correctly. A design consultant can save many dollars throughout the project by ensuring the plans accurate from the beginning.
Architects spend their careers making the buildings we see beautiful. Can you imagine a world full of buildings that are not aesthetically pleasing? People without architecture backgrounds can not envision the final product of a building before the construction has even begun. Architects have a special talent with this. They are an integral member of the construction design process. Many design consultants possess these necessary architectural skills and can walk you through the steps of turning your dreams into reality.

Professional engineers, whether they focus on civil or structural components, are also a much-needed member of any design team. The engineers ensure the building is structurally sound so that it will withstand the test of time. They have special backgrounds enabling them to design any kind of building for any kind of environment. Different areas of the country require different structural needs for their buildings based on environmental factors, not all of which may be obvious to an untrained person. If somebody wanted to try and design a building themselves, with no engineering training, that building would likely come down within a short period of time. Design consultants with an engineering degree and P.E. stamp are a necessity for any construction project.

In Summary

Design consultants are an essential part of any construction project. To ensure the project flows smoothly from the beginning to the end, the project must be designed correctly from the start. If not, their will be problems along the way leading to extra costs and downtime that will negatively affect the project budget and schedule. Design consultants are a necessary part of any construction project and should be relied upon heavily when in the beginning phases of planning your building or project. Any expense incurred with using a design consultant will almost assuredly save money on the back end during construction.

Do Not Do It Alone – Hire a Design Consultant in the Beginning.

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