How Can a Project Management Consultant Help on a Turnkey Construction Project?

How Can a Project Management Consultant Help on a Turnkey Construction Project?

What is a Turnkey construction project?

If you are preparing to have a construction project built, would you prefer to manage the design process and all the various trades and contractors yourself? Or hire one person/company to manage all aspects of the project for you? Unless you want to be overwhelmed with a long list of daily obligations to keep your project on track, you should answer yes to the latter. A turnkey construction project is a project where one contractor, sometimes referred to as a General Contractor, assumes all responsibilities of the project from start to finish. This can include design, scheduling, material procurement and all on site construction to complete the project. From a project owners’ perspective, a turnkey project with one main point of contact for all construction operations is ideal as they do not have to manage multiple project disciplines. In short, it simplifies the project owners’ responsibilities during the project. Many people do not understand all the big and small details that go into a construction project. Some of these items include permitting, design, engineering, material procurement, coordination of various trades, scheduling, quality control and safety management.

What are the responsibilities of a project manager?

A construction project manager oversees all aspects of the construction project. The main responsibilities for a project manager are to ensure that the project is designed correctly, is completed on time and under budget, with the highest quality of work. Within these three main responsibilities are a slew of additional responsibilities to make sure the three main items are taken care of effectively. The project manager ensures there is an accurate design for the project and all necessary permits are in place. The project manager then orders the correct material in time to have them arrive at the project location when needed. Within ordering material there are necessary shop drawings and submittals that need to be approved. The project manager oversees scheduling the work on site between each trade involved so that the project is completed efficiently. It is critical for the project success to make sure the schedule is accurate, and all work is completed when it is scheduled to do so. Having materials on site when needed and sufficient crews lined up to do the work is a key factor in the scheduling of the project. If field conditions change, or there is an installation conflict on site, quick and accurate decisions need to be made for the corrective action. An experienced project manager can quickly rectify problems and keep the work flowing on site. The project manager may delegate some of these items but in the end, all responsibility comes back to the project manager. Depending on the size of the project other key members of the construction team can be superintendents, foreman and subcontractor representatives. A good project manager can handle all aspects of the project and make it seem easy to others. A project manager does not have an easy job, however an experienced project manager that is good at their job can make the project flow smoothly from start to finish.

How can a Project Management Consultant Help on Construction Projects?

According to the US Department of Commerce, up to 96% of construction/contracting businesses fail before they reach the 10-year mark, this is a higher failure rate any other type of business. Poor project management is a key factor these companies go out of business. A good project management consultant can help steer a company in the right direction and ensure their projects success. A project management consultant is a great option for new or struggling companies for any type of construction project. A project management consultant is extremely valuable on a turnkey construction project as there are more assumed responsibilities with this type of construction contract. Even a construction company with a good track record of success can benefit from using a project management consultant on their turnkey projects. With a project manager having direct responsibilities of all aspects of a turnkey project, it is crucial the project starts smoothly. If a turnkey construction project starts poorly, it is likely to be a difficult job from start to finish. A project management consultant will ensure all project responsibilities are completed accurately and in an efficient manner, making quick decisions from beginning to end of the project, so all parties involved can enjoy a successful project.