Exterior Technology in Residential Construction

Exterior Technology in Residential Construction

Exterior Technology in Residential Construction

Residential construction has been gaining more and more technological functions every year. It seems like there is always a new product on the market to be incorporated in the build of new homes. These technologies continue to make our everyday lives easier. Let’s take a closer look into Five types of technology that are being used in residential construction.

Solar Power

Solar power has become more and more popular over the years. New technology in solar panels allows them to blend in with the house and surroundings so they do not stick out. The added aesthetic properties of the solar panels are a big reason they have become more popular. The purchase and installation costs have gone down. Couple that with the monthly savings on your electricity bill, and it also becomes a sound financial investment. Expect to see solar panels on new houses at an increasing rate.

Hydronic Radiant Concrete

For parts of the country that have cold and snowy winters, it may be a good idea to investigate heated concrete when building homes. These systems can be installed in driveways, sidewalks, and concrete steps. These systems are installed before the concrete is poured. Flexible pipes are installed in the slab and tie into a hot water heating system. Once adverse winter weather is on the way the homeowner can turn the system on and it will keep the ice and snow from sticking to the concrete. This eliminates the need for shoveling the snow and makes the driveway and steps safer, as there is no worry about slipping on the ice or snow.

Outdoor Living Areas

New technology products available allow homeowners to have a more enjoyable outdoor living experience. These entertainment systems can be installed during the construction of the home or added later. When building a new home, the builder can install the necessary electrical and controls for the system, so it is hidden from view. The televisions are weatherproof as well as the speaker systems. These items can be Bluetooth enabled so you can control them from your fingertips.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lightening, in and of itself, is not a new technology. However, the technology has improved greatly over the past few years. The lights can be set to turn on and off with sensors that can detect when the sun rises or sets, and the lights can even turn on when they detect movement. The lighting can also be controlled via smart phone providing homeowners with convenience and an added element of safety.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic Lawn Mowers are like a Roomba Vacuum. The lawn mower is set to operate when the homeowner decides and will keep grass cut to the proper length in keeping with many HOAs. The lawnmower is programmed to go back to its charging station after completing a cycle. When these systems are installed, the builder will outline the perimeter of the yard with sensors, so the lawn mower stays within the boundaries.

These 5 types of technological systems are ever evolving. Their use is becoming more widespread and will eventually become standard in all new houses that are built. Technology will continue to improve our everyday lives and you can expect new types of systems to be developed.

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