Building Better Business Foundations with Enterprise Architecture

Building Better Business Foundations with Enterprise Architecture

Building Better Business Foundations with Enterprise Architecture

With ever evolving technology in business, Enterprise Architecture (EA) is an essential component of ensuring the sustainability and growth of your business. An Enterprise Architecture firm works to align the right people, processes, and technology with an organization’s strategic vision to create actionable goals and objectives for measurable improvement. This requires staying up to date on economic trends, technologic advancements, and adapting to changes. This knowledge paired with experience enables several development solutions to be made available to help businesses create the best foundation from which to flourish.

Project Development

The most successful projects are those that start off on the right foot. Consulting an EA firm with your idea can provide you with a wealth of resources to develop your idea and ensure that each step is clearly defined through Real Estate Development, Construction Management, Project Administration, Estimation, Scheduling, and Pre-Development Planning. While these elements work to help projects move forward with relative ease, there are always issues that arise. These too can be addressed with Project Solutions, Technology Solutions, and Project Commissioning.

Risk Management

There is risk in ever endeavor; however, most risks can be mitigated through careful assessment and planning before they emerge. EA firms are often familiar with the most common issues a project is likely to face, allowing them to also anticipate other issues not necessarily apparent to those unfamiliar with how projects should proceed and what tasks are contingent upon others being completed. Diminishing many of these risks can be accomplished through such programs as OSHA Training and Cyber Security Solutions. A competent EA firm can advise you on which solutions would be best for your business.

Design Consulting

Before construction begins, Design Consulting not only ensures that your building adheres to best practices that encourage the health and wellbeing of the environment and those who work there, but that it is also designed with effectiveness and efficiency in mind. There are certifications available, which provide proof of such commitments. These include LEED Certification, WELL Certification, and Net-Zero Certifications, all of which attest to buildings designed with varying degrees of attention to environmental concerns and employee health and wellbeing.

Lighting Solutions

Lighting is more than a safety feature. It can affect mood, and therefore productivity in the workplace. Proper lighting can reduce eye strain and glare effects, reducing workplace fatigue. This in turn reduces many safety risks. Lighting can also create a more welcoming environment, encouraging a more friendly attitude. Beyond the human concerns, Daylight Modeling and IOT-Lighting Designs provide ways to reduce energy costs.

Energy Management

Reducing energy costs through Lighting Solutions is the perfect segway to Energy Management. There are several technologies now in place to help reduce energy costs through conservation and efficiency. Many are even becoming standard; however, some energy uses are unique to businesses justifying the need for customized energy management. A customized approach to energy management can mitigate current energy costs, while also factoring in future energy costs for such things as maintenance and project operations.

Economic and Social Development

Businesses that connect with their communities can create mutual stability through new developments, job creation, and education. There are several avenues to implement this connective development. Workforce Development is the most obvious area of focus. Implementing programs designed to educate, train, and improve the skills of your workforce helps to create a capable workforce within your organization. Community Development is another way to foster development. There are also ways to tap into established programs and certifications to bolster development.

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