Artificial Intelligence in Commercial Buildings

Artificial Intelligence in Commercial Buildings

Artificial Intelligence in Commercial Buildings

We are all aware that we live in a world full of technology. The advancements over the last 10 years, seems to be more than the advancements we saw in the 50 years prior. New products and systems are developed almost daily. At times it seems that the technology growth is so fast, society just accepts it without paying close attention. This causes some new and very cool items to go almost unnoticed until someone shines a spotlight on it. Below we will focus on advanced technological systems that are just now being implemented in new commercial buildings. These systems are unknown to most, but within the next few years they will likely be common in most places we go.

Artificial Intelligence in Buildings

Most people have a general understanding of what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is. Smart building systems are becoming more common as well. The newest trend is combining both into a totally new smart building system. These systems control window blinds, lights, security systems, and HVAC systems, among many other integrated systems.

Lighting Control

Incorporating AI into these systems will allow the smart building to think for itself, allowing for the building occupants to have the most comfort while at the same time saving energy costs. The AI Smart Building systems will allow the building owners to program simple parameters for how they want the building to function. For example, blinds can be programed to automatically open and close based on sunrise/sunset to utilize natural lighting or as an added temperature control system. It can also be programed to recognize occupation in specific areas of the building to automatically turn off lights. A sophisticated building AI will be able to calculate factors to adjust automated blinds to optimize natural lighting, improve temperature control, and provide comfort to those in occupied areas.

Temperature Control

The optimum temperature for any given room varies based on its use. For example, rooms housing servers are generally maintained at temperatures colder than humans are comfortable with. Indoor temperatures also fluctuate based on occupation as well as external factors such as season and time of day. AI systems can be programed to monitor these conditions and automatically adjust temperatures accordingly for maximum energy efficiency.

Water Management

Water management might not be the first thing one thinks of for AI, but this is another system perfectly suited for AI monitoring. New AI smart building systems can sense when a toilet is running excessively, or a sink has been leaking. It can be programmed to notify maintenance of the issue before it develops into a major problem.

AI Energy Management

With its ability to simultaneously monitor multiple systems, analyze complex data, and implement appropriate protocols, AI smart building systems can properly control essential systems such as lighting, HVAC systems, and water supplies, but also less vital systems such as controlling speaker volume for background music. Advanced programing of AI systems also allows them to recognize patterns of behavior, specifically around the use of amenities which can then also be factored into optimizing energy efficiency. These attributes of the AI smart systems enable buildings to essentially think for themselves, freeing up human occupants to focus on other tasks. These new AI Smart Building systems can be installed in new construction or retrofitted into an existing space.

The real beauty of these AI systems is that not only do they offer the highest level of comfort for the building occupants, but they also offer the highest level of sustainability as well. Technology is changing the way we live and is being utilized in the commercial building industry every day. It is never too late to upgrade your building, Arkiay Development Corporation is equipped to assist you with all your construction and technological building needs.

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