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We help you focus on strategies that ensure sustainability, increase the return on all your investments (ROI), and make sure your facility or business is being responsible, both environmentally and socially.


We will work with you to learn about your ideas and recommend specific solutions to you based on the needs and goals surrounding your project. Our solutions will ensure your project’s future and long lasting success.

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Our Development Solutions

Whether you’re looking for sustainability solutions, project development, consulting, or other solutions, we present a network of industry professionals who work directly with our team to provide you with the results and delivery you need.

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Ensure your building projects are completed with the health of your employees and the environment in mind. We provide full service consulting to help you achieve certifications and maintain sustainable practices.

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LEED & WELL Consulting: Achieve LEED & Well Certification to ensure all policies, building materials, and design processes are strategically implemented to guarantee the health and wellbeing of your employees and all occupants are considered.


Green Consulting: Consulting for a variety of non-certification strategies regarding green or environmentally friendly solutions for your project.


Sustainable Consulting: We’ll work with you to recommend and implement non-certification strategies, ensuring sustainable practices during development and beyond.

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Energy Management


Your energy bills could account for as much as 10-20% of overhead. By implementing strategies, technologies, and procedures designed to increase energy conservation within your facility, you’ll see a reduction in costs and increase your return on investment.

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Energy Consulting: We’ll assess the current energy demands of your project and then provide consulting based on our audit. We’ll provide solutions and strategies to increase current and future return on investment.


Energy Modeling: Modeling your current energy usage and providing energy solutions demonstrating the future benefits developed from the strategies presented.


Energy Solutions: What are your energy concerns? Receive a full assessment and consulting for alternative strategies to mitigate current and future energy costs, including all projected operations and maintenance costs.

Economic Development

Economic + Social Development


We provide expert consulting for project managers, business owners, and municipalities whose projects directly affect their surrounding communities. Our resources include programs and services designed to promote the successful integration of new developments, job creation, and education in an area to promote growth and economic and social sustainability.

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Municipal Consulting: What are the short and long term goals of your municipality? We provide workshops and full consulting services to explore programs and resources designed to connect you to your community and help you reach those goals.


Grant Writing: We collaborate with grant writers, including nonprofit and for-profit grant consulting firms, which can provide grant writing services, strategies, and consulting services.


Education: For a community to grow, it must be able to be taken care of by the people that reside in it. We work with companies to enhance their community while providing its citizens the education they need to take advantage of the job opportunities that emerge. This strategy truly allows for the long term sustainability designed to aid community growth and survival.


Workforce Development: Strategic focus on the development of a capable workforce that is economically sustainable. This is to aid citizens to be directly connected with the growth of their community.


Eco District Certification: Achieve EcoDistrict Certification and team up with your local community and take a collaborative approach toward the completion of your project using strategies aligned with both you and your community’s long term goals.


Development Planning: We offer full developmental planning consulting, including helping you find suitable property for your project, design development, implementation of specific features and technologies, project management, construction, and final project delivery.


Community Development: Working with municipalities, nonprofits, and community leaders to develop strategies and solutions for the prosperity of a healthy community development program.

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Design Consulting


Get the most out of your construction project with certifications, programs, and technologies designed to increase your facility’s effectiveness, increase your project’s return on investment, and ensure your building follows sustainable practices for the health and wellbeing of your employees and the environment.

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Lighting Consulting: Enhance the design and implementation of your current or upcoming facility using new products and solutions designed for more effective lighting in your facility. See “lighting” below to learn more.


IOT (Internet of Things) Design Consulting: Working with business owners looking to enhance the technology and data gathering in their current or upcoming facilities using new and emerging products and solutions.


LEED: Consulting for any businesses interested in obtaining a LEED Certification for their facility.


WELL: Consulting for any businesses interested in obtaining a WELL Certification for their facility.


Value Engineering: Are you getting the best return on your investments? We provide value engineering consulting to identify potential strategies and solutions you might not be aware of which could save you money.


Net-Zero Designs

Energy bills can consume as much as 10-20% of a company’s overhead. Ensure your building is producing as much energy as it is consuming in terms of Energy Use Index (EUI) Ratings in order to achieve a Net-Zero Certification.

Risk Management

Risk Management


All business comes with risks. We will work with you to identify those risks and connect you to the resources and solutions you need to mitigate them.

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Risk Management Consulting: Learn the potential risks surrounding your project and how mitigating those risks can have short and long term effects on your organization.


OSHA Training: Maintain compliance with all OSHA guidelines and regulations in order to ensure the health and safety of your employees. This training is also designed to raise employee safety awareness toward industry OSHA guidelines.


Safety Consulting: Ensure the safety of all employees and building occupants in the workplace and build employee awareness of all safety policies and procedures.


Cyber Security Solutions: Keep your employees and your company safe from cyber attacks and data breaches using the latest in cyber security solutions and processes.

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Project Development Consulting


No matter what stage your project is in, we can provide the consulting you need to fulfill your vision for success. From project development and estimations to project management and administration services, we have everything you need to get the job done.

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Real Estate Development: We provide a variety of resources and strategies linked to real estate development processes which are sustainable, responsible, and designed to increase your return on investment.


Project Construction Management: We’ll connect you with qualified, experienced project managers to take the helm on your project or construction job and see that everything is completed on time and on budget from start to finish.


Project Administration: The right project administrator will organize and oversee all procedural events of a project from pre-development to construction. The project administrator will also collaborate with stakeholders, change order management, document progress, and ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.


Estimation: How much will your project cost? Get thorough project estimation services and learn how to get the most out of your return on investment.


Scheduling: Comprehensive project scheduling consulting and services to keep your project on schedule so it is completed on time with minimal interruptions or delays.


Pre-Development Planning: An open-ended process tailored to your needs. Processes include discussing your project in its earliest stages to identify stakeholders and project goals, then presenting potential strategies, solutions, and options which could align with those goals.


Project Solutions: What are your projects goals? We’ll provide relevant solutions based on those goals. Whether you need project management, process determinations, stakeholder guidelines, or more, we can provide expert solutions and resources to ensure the success of your project.


Technology Solutions: Technology integration is becoming more and more a part of the building planning and development process. We connect you with smart technology and IT solutions designed to generate data related to your building, its components, and its occupants which can be used to measure project results, both short and long term.


Project Commissioning: How will everything continue to operate and work when your project is completed? Connecting your business with the resources and solutions needed to identify operation and maintenance risks and to mitigate these risks to ensure the continued operation, growth, and success of your business and its facilities.

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Lighting Consulting


Not many businesses consider how lighting can affect your facility and its occupants. With lighting consulting and solutions, we will work with you to determine the best products and design strategies that will make your facility a more sustainable and productive environment.

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Lighting Consulting: Lighting strategies can be used to reduce eye strain and glare effects, increase focus, and even promote healing and rest. Enhance the design and implementation of your current or upcoming facility using new products and solutions designed for more effective lighting in your facility.


Daylight Modeling: Natural daylight offers many advantages, both to the wellbeing of your employees and to reduce energy costs. With daylight modeling consulting, we provide design recommendations and strategies which allow your facility to utilize natural daylight as much as possible as an alternative to artificial lighting.


Lighting Solutions: Through education and awareness, we present business owners with various lighting options and solutions that are cost effective and designed to satisfy your project needs, including energy efficiency, daylight modeling, and design.


IOT-Lighting Designs: Utilization of a bluetooth and Wi-Fi run system to control your lighting network and optimize your facility lighting to suit your needs. These systems can also be used to gather data or interact with employees and building occupants.

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